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Our Animals


Farm Animals


The following animals cannot travel: all birds, sheep, alpacas and pigs. 

Pygmy Goats

We have a herd of 11, most of which were born on the farm. They are very friendly and love a head scratch!

Golden Guernsey Goats

We have 2 golden goats, who live with the Pygmy Goat heard. They are fantastic jumpers and love attention. Their names are Angel and Princess.  KIDDING AUGUST 2023

Saddleback/ Gloucester Spot Pigs

We have 3 pigs, who are under a year old Their favourite thing in the world is belly scratches. Their names are Derek, Dotty and Daisy. 



We have 2 alpacas, 1 of which are Huacaya and the one with long hair is a Suri. They enjoy getting very close to the camera for selfies. Their names are Toffie and Nutty.


Shetland ponies 

We  have  two  Shetland ponies, called Phineus and Ferb.  They   love  to groom each other and love  attention! Ferb is 5, Phin is 3 and Ferb is Phins uncle.



Our 3 ewes, Enid, Edna and Ethel love to roam the fields freely. They recognise our faces but can be a little shy around strangers. 
Edmund & Eric we brought in this Spring when they were orphaned and have hand reared them. They are ridiculously friendly and loving and love to be cuddled for as long as you are to prepared to sit with the. They can travel.



Aylesbury Ducks

Sugar and Spice are only 8 months old. They love to search for worms in puddles. 



The larger turkey is Danny and the smaller one is his wife, Sandy. Danny is super curious and will follow goats and humans around the farmyard!


Our trio of geese are called Eugene, Rizzo and Chacha. Eugene is a bit spicy and loves to show people his 3 rows of teeth, but has never used them!




We have a flock of  chickens and 2  cockerels. 


Muscavoy Ducks 

Malcom and his girls are well and truly a team of their own. Although they accept the other ducks, they'd rather they weren't there. 


Runner Duck

Peanut is our only Runner Duck, due to  her partner passing. She is in charge of the Aylesbury Ducks. Being a runner, she runs away from photos. 


The Peacocks
Rita, Sue & Bob too.

1 peacock and 2 peahens, Bob should have his tail feathers by next year and the girls should start laying


Please note- for their wellbeing reptiles do not come outside during cold months 


Baby Giant Tortoises

Bowser and Stephen are only a few months old and have a lot of growing to do! They won't be fully grown until they are 4o years old. 


Horsefield Tortoise

Sheldon is a 6 year old tortoise. He loves eating veggies and playing on the slopes in his run. 

Panther Chameleon 

Rango is a Panther Chameleon. He is super friendly and loves climbing on our heads!


Veiled Chameleon

Pascal is only 4 months old , but has a lot of personality! He isnt ready to meet the public yet but will make his debut in a. few months. 

Leopard Gecko

Megan Markle (originally Mark) is a very gentle lizard. She can be quick, but will usually try to climb into your armpits for warmth!

Giant African Land Snails

          Corn Snake

Greg is around 7, but we aren't entirely sure as he is a rescue. He loves to come out and be fussed over. He eats one mouse a week. We have to be super careful to shut his door properly as he's a bit of an escape artist and loves giving mum little surprises

Pacman Frog

Small Furries


Guinea Pigs

We have a guinea pig village with 14 guineas and 2 baby rabbits. They love to be hand fed and fussed over


Baby Bunnies

Elsa and Olaf are some of our most confident animals. They love to climb all over calm children and often watch us from the roof of their hutch!

Giant Rabbits

Alvin and the rabbits love being fed veggies and having ear scratches. 

Pygmy hedgehog
    Born January 2023

Sonic comes out now for short hello's. We introduce all our animals slowly and on their terms; he is actually really sociable. He will peek through his spines for a few moments and then he's off. He loves scrambled egg and cuddles 


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