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About Us

Manor Farm Experiences & Learning Barn


We are a 20 acre farm in Lower Kingswood. 
We run groups for children on the Farm all through the week through Learning Barn. Our aim is to provide a base for children who the school system doesn't fit with. 

Manor Farm experiences  is the other side of the business. We visit schools, nurseries, care homes, holiday clubs, any provision we can benefit.
We also visit events all over Surrey and London. 
We can cater to any bespoke experience that meets our criteria.

We aim to utilise our animals to improve the mental health of others, especially children. 

Manor Farm Surrey is a family owned small holding, run by a mother-daughter duo. Caroline (mum) is an ex midwife and Antonia is an ex teacher, with a masters in SEND. Each of our animals are incredibly tame due to being lovingly raised by us. 

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