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Educational School Visits to the Farm

Covering a wide range of subjects, many in the National Curriculum delivered by our highly qualified team to allow children to enjoy and learn

In 2003, a pivotal report on outdoor education was released by the collaboration of 11 organizations, forming the Real World Learning Partnership. This report emphasized the vital importance of stepping beyond classroom walls for children's learning, regardless of the season. At Manor Farm Experiences, we're all about bridging that essential connection between kids and the natural world. Our mobile farm isn't just about fun; it's a dynamic, hands-on learning environment that's both safe and supervised.

Our visits aren't just entertaining – they're enriching too! We integrate seamlessly with the educational curriculum, aiding in boosting educational engagement and attainment. Children get the chance to interact closely with various animal groups, gaining a tactile and visual understanding that goes beyond books and screens. It's an immersive experience where touching, seeing, and learning about each animal becomes a journey of discovery and joy.

‘Out-of-classroom learning makes a unique contribution to a child’s education and offers many varied benefits to them, not least developing a sense of place and wonder for the world around them. By participating in these experiences throughout their time at school, children learn lessons that complement those taught in the classroom. At the same time, they also have fun and get some exercise in the fresh air. ‘


Information is specifically aimed at the age group of the children visiting, be it pre-school from age 3 to key stage 1, 2, 3 and GCSE

Groups will be led by the farm owner and teachers onsite. 

There are various packages available

We will meet the animals, learn about them, most can be petted and fed.

Activities are led with a morning session and optional afternoon depending on the package chosen.

Most packages offer an hour in the middle of the day in our field or barn for the children to eat lunch


Package 1 - 5 Hours including a lunch hour

£12 per child

Package 2 - 3.5 hours including a hour for lunch

£8 per child

Package 3 - 2 hours with the animals and a 45 min  break at the end of the session

£7 per child


We encourage interaction with our animals, whilst advocating respect, empathy and understanding of them. 

school farm visits
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