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Small Animal Boarding

We are a family who love animals. We have plenty of our own and enjoy looking after yours whilst you're having a break.

We are a highly skilled team, on a 20 acre farm, that consists of sheep. pigs, alpacas and much more, you may get a glimpse at drop off.

We can provide long-term or short-term care for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, reptiles, birds and more. 



Send your animals for a holiday, whilst you enjoy yours, secure in the knowledge that they will be well cared for in your absence.

We have hutches in our stables, which are completely closed in, with wire roofs. We offer daily turn out for most animals, so that they can stretch their legs! 

Feel free to message us for updates while your pet is staying with us!


Prices for rabbits and guinea pigs are per day and are all inclusive of a hutch or cage, bedding, hay, dry food and veggies. Smaller animals must have cages provided and will be given daily veggies. We can follow special diets if requested. Prices are per day, bookings must be made for a minimum of 5 days. We do not take rabbits that aren't neutered.




1 rabbit: £9
2 rabbits : £12
3 rabbits: £14
1 giant rabbit: £10
2 giant rabbits: £13
1 guinea pig: £8
2 guinea pigs: £10
3 guinea pigs: £12
4 or more guinea pigs: £15
1 mouse, hamster, gerbil. tortoise: £7
2 mice, hamsters, gerbils, tortoises: £10
Message us to request prices for animals not listed.


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