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The Mobile Farm

Manor Farm Experiences offer a number of different packages listed below. We visit nurseries, schools, care homes and much more.

We offer educational visits, interactive visits and therapy visits.

mobile farm pony



Big animals include Shetland ponies, goats and sheep.

Small to include various types of rabbit, guinea pigs, seasonal animals
such as young birds ie chicks and ducklings, a reptile or a hedgehog. Reptiles can also be a part of these packages and we also offer reptile only visits which can be viewed on our reptile page.

Within a 20 minute radius, further afield incurs a travel cost.

1 hour small animals £210
1 hour large and small animals  £280
1.5 hour small animals £260
1.5 hour large and small animals  £330
2 hours small animals £310
2 hour large and small animals  £380
£70 per hour hereafter for small animals
£85 per hour for large

1HR  £210  1.5 £260 2HR £320​

wedding pony
mobile farm care home
mobile farm pony nativity
mobile farm visits schools
school farm visits
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