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Waiver and Release from Liability for Manor Farm Experiences and Learning Barn on Manor Farm


Manor Farm and all employees do their upmost to keep guests safe at all times. Guests are given verbal instruction on interacting with all animals and are monitored at all times. 

I, (adult or on the behalf of a minor child/ren) HEREBY WAIVE AND RELEASE, indemnify, hold harmless and forever discharge  Manor Farm Experiences and Learning Barn on Manor Farm and its agents, employees, officers, directors, affiliates, successors and assigns, of and from any and all claims, demands, debts, contracts, expenses, causes of action, lawsuits, damages and liabilities, of every kind and nature, whether known or unknown, in law or equity, that I or Child ever had or may have arising from or in any way related to my/child’s participation in any events or activities conducted by, on the premises of, or for the benefit of, Manor Farm Experiences and Learning Barn on Manor Farm  provided that this waiver of liability does not apply to any acts of gross negligence, or intentional, wilful or wanton misconduct.

I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that any children in my care and myself are dressed appropriately. This includes closed toed shoes, worn at all times, and weather appropriate clothing. 

I understand that the activities that I/children will participate in and that I/children will see are inherently dangerous and may cause serious or grievous injuries, including bodily injury, damage to personal property . I/children will be in direct contact with animals that include but are not limited to: goats, rabbits, pigs, sheep, horses, chickens, etc., among other animals that may not be listed.

I understand that, as with most animals, they may react in an unpredictable way to sounds, sudden movements, people, or other animals that could result in injuries to people. On behalf of myself, said children, my heirs, assigns and next of kin, I/children waive all claims for damages, injuries sustained to me/children or property, that I/children may have against the aforementioned released party to such activity.

By this waiver, I/children, assume any risk, and take full responsibility and waive any claims of personal injury  or damage to personal property with Manor Farm Experiences and Learning Barn on Manor Farm, including but not limited to entering Manor Farm, observing or interacting with the animals, using the equipment in any manner, form or fashion, and practicing and/or engaging in other related activities including the initiating of prohibited contact with the animals on and off the premises and disobeying any regulations both posted and unposted. It is a condition of entry that visitors observe all verbal and visual warnings, do not venture over exhibit safety barriers without explicit permission and do not enter Manor Farm's off limit areas.

This WAIVER AND RELEASE contains the entire agreement between parties, and supersedes any prior written or oral agreements between them concerning the subject matter of this WAIVER AND RELEASE. The provisions of the WAIVER AND RELEASE may be waived, altered, amended or repealed, in whole or in part, only upon the prior written consent of all parties. The provision of this WAIVER AND RELEASE will continue in full force and effect even after the termination of the activities conducted by, on the premises of, or for the benefit of Manor Farm Experiences and Learning Barn on Manor Farm, whether by agreement, by operation of law, or otherwise.

The following is relevant to visits where parents are present: 

Despite the many benefits of interacting with farm animals, people should be aware that farm animals can sometimes carry germs that make people sick. I will protect myself, my family, and the animals on the farm by remembering to wash my hands with soap and warm running water for at least 20 seconds after contact with farm animals. I will use hand sanitizer if soap and water are not readily available.

Government guidance: 

I agree to obey all posted signs and safety rules and to alert the staff to any rules violations or dangerous behavior of co-participants. I agree to stay in areas to which I am assigned and not enter areas that will place me in undue danger. As an adult, I will supervise my child(ren) at all times. Participation is solely at the discretion of the owners and staff members of the farm. I will always be accompanied by a Volunteer or a member of the staff that is educated and versed in goat herd management and principles. I will follow their direction and keep the safety of others and the herd in mind when I take action.

Please fill out the below fields if you have not done so before. Returning customers, who have already filled the waiver out, do not need to do so again, if they are bringing the same minors. All adults will need to fill out the waiver for themselves and any minors in their care (minors do not need to be on more than one waiver). Please type NA for field that aren't relevant to you. 

Thanks for submitting!

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